Easy Lamb Shank-Lamb Shanks

Easy Lamb Shank

Easy Lamb Shank

Easy Lamb Shank

Sometimes my day job interferes with my love for cooking and with a hubby that is an ardent athlete, I feel that I need to put forward a decent evening meal. Hence my love for easy, carefree recipes. This Easy Lamb Shank recipe has been prepared many times just for the two of us, but it can easily be adapted to serve as many as you are catering for. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Some of my earliest childhood memories can be traced back to my mother’s kitchen. Although she was a working girl, it never deterred her from experimenting in the kitchen.  We were three girls, and in our teens, the responsibility of helping or preparing the evening meal was a given. There was structure in our meal times. Dinner was always served at 6 pm sharp. Being a working mom myself, I now have huge admiration for my mom: juggling a full-time job, being a wife, raising three girls, making most of our clothes and running our household like a well-oiled machine. Continue reading