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Some of my earliest childhood memories can be traced back to my mother’s kitchen. Although she was a working girl, it never deterred her from experimenting in the kitchen.  We were three girls, and in our teens, the responsibility of helping or preparing the evening meal was a given. There was structure in our meal times. Dinner was always served at 6 pm sharp. Being a working mom myself, I now have huge admiration for my mom: juggling a full-time job, being a wife, raising three girls, making most of our clothes and running our household like a well-oiled machine.

Sunday lunches were the best … we always had a roast.  Most Sundays it would be roast chicken, but once a month it would be a Leg of Lamb or a Pork Roast. These are still my favourite dishes.

Nostalgia-Sunday Roast

Nostalgia-Sunday Roast

I have never lost my love for the kitchen. I have been a professional kitchen designer for sixteen years and entertaining my family and friends to a sit-down meal is my way of relaxing. I believe that memories are made and shared around a dinner table.

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