7 Days of Bliss in Zanzibar!!


Romantic Dinners

I previously made the statement that you don’t need to wait for your 10th, 20th or 25th wedding anniversary to celebrate a milestone in your life, but our 30th just seemed to be a landmark! I first visited Chumbe with a friend a few years earlier and was so impressed with this little pristine coral island, that I promised Pierre that I would take him there one day.Chumbe

Thus, when we celebrated our BIG ONE in 2013, I made good on my promise and booked a seven day holiday in Zanzibar at two amazing resorts – Chumbe Island and Zanzi Resort. Both destinations were chosen for their secludedness and tranquillity.

On our previous trip to Zanzibar, Pierre and I weren’t too impressed with Stone Town, but out of necessity, we had to stay over for one evening.

DohwI am so glad we did because we had a whole different experience … nothing like our first visit.  We leisurely strolled through the streets of Stone Town and eventually ended up at 6 Degrees South Grill and Wine Bar. A good choice to while the evening away, watching the sunset with dhows and ships sailing over the Indian Ocean.

The next morning we got our transfer to Chumbe Island, an eco-island off the coast of Zanzibar. No electricity, solar power, compost toilets and the restriction of the total number of daily visitors, contribute to the feeling of peace and harmony with your surroundings … a bit like being stranded on a deserted island.Coconut Crab

Snorkelling 2Writing this article about Chumbe I remember the magnificent coral reefs, breath-taking fish, spectacular snorkelling and the late night walk with coconut crabs. Every meal was memorable, but dinners especially so … providing it is not raining, dinner is served on the beach with candles lighting your way. Breakfast and lunch are enjoyed on the terrace where the spray of the waves will cool you down.Dinner on the beach

For our anniversary dinner, they transformed a private outcrop into a fairylike dining room. We were spoilt rotten and the staff and Chef John made sure that the evening will be remembered forever!Anniversary Dinner

We left Chumbe with heavy hearts as we were convinced that nothing can beat our experience and it was hard to imagine that Zanzi Resort can match this. I apologized to Pierre in advance as I believed we should have ended our holiday on a high.

Zanzi BeachGreat was our surprise when we arrived at Zanzi Resort. In addition to our room being ultra-modern (in complete contrast to the rustic villas on Chumbe) we had a private pool, a day-bed, and our own private beach! It was as if we were on our own, remote island and we didn’t want to leave … not even to eat! It was wonderful to sip sundowners on the beach, watch the sunset from the day-bed and lap up the feeling of luxurious indulgence. It was wonderful that we could laze around and do absolutely nothing, but still feel at peace that we accomplished what we set out to do.Zanzi Resort

If you have one of these big numbers coming up, do yourself a favour and explore the Island of Zanzibar with their rich culture, beautiful beaches, and immense culinary experiences.Zanzi Resort